Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sony Playstation 3 Console - Awesome price, limited stock

Sony PlayStation 3 60GB Entertainment System PS3Cutting-edge visuals. HD output. Blu-ray. Sonys next generation console simply has to be seen to be believed. PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system unleashes a brilliant, high-definition entertainment experience.

As its digital soul, the Cell BroadBand Engine represents a tour de force in parallel processing, which means a gaming experience that is beyond what you know today.

Its built-in Blu-ray Disc drive delivers a whole new generation in high-definition gaming and unmatched digital media storage. Whether its gaming, Blu-ray movies, music, or online services, PlayStation 3 invites you to Play Beyond.

On top of all of these awesome technologies, the PlayStation 3 60GB System also features an HDMI connection for high-definition audio and video, Memory Stick, Secure Digital and CompactFlash media card slots, Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless Internet access and a whopping 60GB hard drive. PlayStation 3 is more than a gaming console its an experience.

Details: The processor function 3.2 GHz Cell processor,1 Power PC core is in conjunction with the processor SPE with 8s/the most 2 line distancesThe memory function 256 MB XDR main memory The 256 MB GDDR3 shows to saveHard drive function 20 Gs/60 Gs;2.5 inch hard drives, three stars produce, turn is a 5400 rpms soon, the capacity 20 GBs, adopt the Serial ATA to connectGraphics processing unit nVidia RSX/500 MHzs;Integrate 300,000,000 graphics processing unit of scales with above transistors, carry 8 tops to apply color a machine(VertexShader) to apply color a machine(PixelShader) with 24 pixels, the each period can carry out 136s to apply color the machine instruction, supporting high dynamic state scope(HDR) of 128 bits high and clear HDTV to output with the 1080 psThe pixel fills a rate 8 tops to apply color to exaggerate a pipeline to apply color to exaggerate a pipeline with 24 pixelsThe memory bandwidth main memory bandwidth 25.6 GBs/sShow to save the bandwidth 20 GBs/s(write)+15 GBs/s(read)Float some 167 GFLOPSs with tallest operation ability floats to order an operation, each one can carry on a little bit 10,000,000,000 accumulate an operation.

The game carried a body to adopt to inhale the type blue light Blu-Ray actuator for the very first time, it supported 2 × BD-ROMs, 8 × DVD-ROMs, 24 × CD-ROMs, 2 × SACDs, support basically currently the market all games of familiar formats and the amusement CDThe audio frequency HDMI 1.3 increase to the support of the Dolby HD and the DTS-HD standard(this is 2 standards is the ratio numerals currently 5.1 with DTS standard of get stripe edition)Connect 4 USBs to connectThe HDMI,thousand trillion net cards connects, the fiber optic output, the AV mixture outputs, the main power switch and the AC power supply connect, a MINI USB connectsThe other function adoption touch type operates a key, inside place of power supply, the PS3 of the 60 G edition provided the WIFI the wireless networkEnclosure AV linePower cableUSB lineHand handle